I would like to invite you to a voyage to the arts and political thinking. Why should a painter not be a thinker and creative at the same time?


Andy Warhol – a so-called “icon of the Modern Art” – refused strongly the idea that an artist might be an intellectual person as well. His so-called “art” is purely commercial, superficial, and just popular. To Warhol money and instant pleasure were the issues.


The Modern Art, Postmodern Art, Ultramodern Art or Mega-Hyper-Modern Art have become somewhat outdated and present themselves by increasingly odd performances. Isn’t it time now for a new, free art?


I look at this world from a different angle than the mainstream. You cannot create prime art being subject to a so-called “political correctness” or the globalized commercial art industry. Art is a part of all life on earth. Particularly images like paintings and photography you have to view from a different perspective. Take the chance to get rid of all the prejudices and ballast of the industry. The Modern Art is manipulating human conscience and behavior. It makes us stupid and ignorant.


We all know this. And we do not even complain or act accordingly. Our communication is failing. Our highly intellectual reflections lead to nothing while so-called “think tanks” have become institutions for lobbying. We have become perfect hypocrites. The once rich, militarily superior and progressive state of Babylon had not been destroyed by outside enemies but from the inside due to a complete failure of communication and social cooperation by the citizens. The threat which the USA are facing is not the Islam or some so-called “states of evil” but their own structures and life style. The system needs reforms. That is why we see a total control of all communication inside and outside the USA by agencies like the NSA. There is a systemic crisis of the society and art.


That’s why I paint. If words have lost their sense, visual images can help. Pictures everybody understands. If not, mankind would have disappeared from planet earth due to ignorance and loss of orientation. The “Post-Ultra-Mega-Modern Art” is different, however: you cannot really understand it. You need a guide or a 100-page-book of operating instructions. And still, you are not sure about it, except that such art costs way too much money.  You must believe in it. The bible says: “We do not stroll in the looking separate in the faith”.


Art – images in general – does have a direct impact on the conscience of people. An image has an immediate influence on the beholder within seconds while literature or music requires time. That is why all entities striving for political might try to interfere with art. This happens by sponsoring, direct subsidies and a whole network of support.


Having taught mankind to consider a piece of white canvas with some black spots on it as important art, it should be easy to convince such people to march to Stalingrad or Vietnam, our to drop millions of tons of bombs on foreign countries.


Painted pictures actually are only as such, i.e. as the originals, valuable and worth viewing. It is like real people instead of photos. All images which are surrounding us by the millions are neither authentic nor realistic. This applies for digital photos, fast and cheap to produce, in particular. Many are of poor quality.


The American musician Ray Charles once said:”I can sing, I can compose; what I do need for a good song, is a text and a theme”.  Art without a theme, without any sense, is like a dead tree hanging up in the air. The glamorous, prestigious museums all over the world are full of such things. Like such exhibits, such museums appear to become more and more senseless themselves. The internet hopefully will have a further effect to free art from global industrial commercialization and manipulation.


And please: Look at the paintings as originals. They are amazing.